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Planedge Consultants Pvt. Ltd. is a leading Project Management Consultancy across INDIA, providing end to end solution to Construction Engineering Industry. PLANEDGE commenced its operations 2005 from Pune with the intention to systemize the Construction Industry thereby elevating the standard of human Living.

3000 Project Completed
1.3 Crore Sq Ft. Area Delivered
6000 Shelters Provided
45 and more Projects in Progress

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Estimatin and Costing

An estimate is a forecast or prediction of what the actual cost will be when the project is completed. This is when the developer determines and feasibility and profitability of the Project. The development of accurate and useful cost estimates requires application of special knowledge, skills, principles and procedures at every phase in a construction project. Early estimation & budgeting is an essential tool for managing any project.

Planning and Schedule Management

Preparing a construction schedule that is both specific and put together ahead of time ensures efficiency and productivity. Construction scheduling allows you and the project team to control quality measures, as well as manage resource allocation in each phase of construction. Planning is crucial because it defines the process and the completion of the project in specifics. The construction project plan acts as a map that helps the team complete the steps of a project. Time is money; a reliable schedule gives each party the opportunity to allocate time to all activities to avoid delays and cost overruns.

Design Development and Co-Ordination

Our Design and Development teams help in Systemized tracking of design. They play the fulcrum in the success of any project in terms of coordination, finalization and signoff across all stake holders. They bring in value engineering via optimization of drawings.

Billing and Documentation

Billing is the documentary aspect of the work done, through which payments can be made to the person involved in the contract and responsible to complete the work. Incomplete Billing can cause considerable losses to the contractor or the client. Hence, bills should be perfect and self-explanatory at any stage of the work.

Tenders and Contracts Management

Contract Management and Tendering are key elements in construction management that helps in the process by which bids are invited from interested contractors to carry out specific packages of construction work. While Contracts helps in expected business benefits, financial gains which are more likely to realize. There is also a reduced risk of disputes, and higher changes of repeat work. Effective contract management can ultimately create a powerful business relationship and pave the road to greater profitability over the long-term.”

Project Feasibility Studies and Cost Control

Construction Cost Management is the establishment of realistic capital costs of construction projects. It focuses on detailed cost planning and cost control services to ensure construction projects are undertaken, documented and completed within a pre‐agreed cost framework and in the most economical manner.

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